ENVY Makeup / Thought Process

" Envy is depicted as a man with cankered teeth, chewing on a venomous toad, poison running down his jaws...hides a deadly snake close to his chest. Inwardly, he devours himself, weeping over the wealth of others and rejoicing in their misfortune...grieves at the happiness of others and spews spiteful poison and abuse [on those who practice faithful Christian obedience]."

A few months ago, one of my friends asked if I would be interested in participating in a Seven Deadly Sins collaboration she was putting together (of course I was!). I was one of the first to choose their sin, and I didn't really pick envy for any specific reason...I guess it just kinda jumped out at me. I'm so happy that I chose it, though!

This mayyy be my favorite look I've filmed/edited so far...or at least in the top five. I had a lot of fun filming and putting together the intro especially, and the 'poison' was such a mess haha...I thought it through about 90% of the way basically. We'll just say there was a fair amount of cleanup required, but not a completely frustrating amount. It was laughable at least.

I'm also really excited to learn more in the editing department this year. I kinda just go with the flow and try new stuff and see if it works, google things when I get stuck. I mean, it works, but I know there are more efficient and cooler tools and methods out there.

I based my look off of the quote at the top of this post, which is from a book called Killjoys: The Seven Deadly Sins. Joe Rigney wrote the Envy section of the book, and the quote references Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene. That quote just really struck me, and I enjoyed researching this sin more than I would have even just a year ago. It's really cool and interesting to delve into the deeper meanings behind things for me now - and it's also interesting to me how much my mind and thinking has changed just in the past couple years.

I just want to mention a few other quotes and inspirations I found along the way -

A lot of the time, the first thing I'll do when researching a specific theme or topic, is google the word/find the basic definition. There are often several different definitions on various websites, but I just look for the very basic/core definition.

Envy is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation.

Green is the color of envy.

Contrary to charity - Charity rejoices in our neighbors' good while envy grieves over it. (that's also one of my favorite finds) -- Summa Theologica, Thomas Aquinas

Envy is the most joyless of the sins.

Vivid metaphors are used to describe various sins, but for some reason, images of envy are especially grotesque.

Described as the rust of the heart.

Envy follows success with a hungry eye. Why not me?

Researching topics is such a fun and interesting part of (my) creative process recently. It's often a word or phrase that sparks the entire idea for design. This has me thinking now - maybe a project or series in the near future - choose a set of things or themes that would really entail a bit of research. I mean, it may not be required for everyone, but it could be an awesome experiment for me personally.

Moving along - the photos! I just wanted to share a little bit of my creative process, and I wasn't really planning on it, but that's what happened. I'm actually planning on doing an entire post dedicated to what my creative process looks like. But let's get to the photos! Again, I had a lot of fun shooting these, and there are still a few more I might want to edit. I'm stoked with how it all came together. I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial if you watched it - if you haven't and want to, it's right up there near the top of this post. Be sure to check out all the other ladies that participated, you can find their videos and info in my video description!

Here are some photos!

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a good weekend guys. xx