San Diego + Vegas Vacation

My sister and I got to take a little vacation with my dad this month (he travels for work a lot, and sometimes we get to tag along). We drove from Pocatello to Salt Lake, through Vegas and down to San Diego. We've made this drive several times over the years - I was born in San Diego and moved to Idaho when I was 8ish...we used to visit every year. The drive doesn't seem too bad now that I'm older. I took sooo many photos, I had the hardest time condensing for this post! There are still so many...but I hope you enjoy! 

On our way out of town, the mountains are so beautiful!

Somewhere between Inkom and McCammon, Idaho. 

Sunset in Southern Utah

Day 1, We went to Torrey Pines Gliderport/City Park. Our aim was to go to Torrey Pines State BEACH, but this is where we ended up - and it was Gorgeous. It was a hot, sunny, beautiful day, and we decided to stay until sunset. No regrets there. STUN-NING.

Ohhh just look at that water...

How freaking glorious is this view

So dreamy, one of my favorite shots of the day

Sunset on the water...

That guy was totally posing for this photo haha

Night 1 food, I was a dummy and didn't take my camera to dinner that night, but trust me, it was epic. We went to BJ's. I had a margherita flatbread and we all shared a massive amount of Pizookies. Actually, I have a couple Pizookie photos from my phone!

Pizookie trio (mini's) - Cookies 'N Cream, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, and Triple Chocolate

PB S'mores Pizookie - really good, BUT would have actually liked it more without the PB

Day 2, We decided to go to Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach. Samantha had a photoshoot planned for later in the day, so we went up earlier so we could hang out on the beach. The weather was...not good for a beach day. It started out ok, but as we were driving, the clouds were rolling in and looked like smoke. It did make for a few cool photos, though. After a few hours, it was super chilly and started to rain. I opted to sit in the car while she finished up her photo shoot. It was fun while it lasted, and I still got some pretty pictures!

Clouds rollin' in, I completely thought it was smoke until we got to Solana Beach

This was a lucky shot as we were turning the corner *snappy thumbs up*

We will definitely be going back here in the future, it's such a beautiful and cool spot

My makeshift tripod to shoot some time lapses - selfie stick, Clif Bar wrapper, hair tie, and sand support. *another snappy thumbs up*

Night 2 food...Islands of course, mm mm mm 

My usual, the Toucan chicken teriyaki sandwich. That piece of chicken was HUGE, but oh so tasty.

We opted for a smaller dessert tonight haha, a hot fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream

Day 3, We actually got ready and headed up to the temple. It's still my favorite, incredibly beautiful. We always have to go when we're in town to snap some photos. This was our last full day in San Diego, so we had to go! (Lighting is different in a few because we went up the next afternoon as well...I forgot to film video when we went the first time - vlogging is hard! Haha)

...but before we head over, an In N Out stop for lunch

I love these little pink flowers so much ♡

My iPhone pano from the first day we went up

Samantha took this pano on her iPhone the second time we went up

Behind the scenes, again taken on Samantha's iPhone.

Night 3 food, we went to Phil's BBQ...and once again I did not take any photos of my food. I did take some video, though, that'll be in the vlog - I had the pulled pork sandwich (if a restaurant has a good pulled pork, they get a thumbs up from me. And Phil's does not disappoint). Definite recommend if you have one in your area!

This is what was left over on Samantha's plate - she had the grilled chicken...with no bones I think. Chick-less dinner it might be called. I ate a bunch of the fries too. Ugh fries are so yummy!

Day 4, Travel day. San Diego to Vegas for the night. Before we left, we had brunch at an amazing pancake house...The Original Pancake House. Again...didn't take my camera in. Honestly, I was just being lazy, but I wish I would have taken it in. I did think to get an iPhone photo, though:

I ordered their Blueberry Pancakes (which were seriously perfect) along with some potatoes that you can kind of see in the background - YUM

We got to Vegas early enough (like 9 or 10PM) to go out for dinner and watch the fountain show at the Bellagio (which I did get to film as well!). We ate at Hexx, which was amazing - see mouth-watering photos below. Also, the service was ☆☆☆☆☆

I get hungry every time I look at this photo. This is their Margherita Pizza. It was delightful. I need more.

AND THIS CAKE. I guess they make all their own chocolate and ice cream in-house, and you can definitely taste it. This came with some kind of spice icing and chocolate ganache - recommendation: order a scoop of ice cream along with this, you'll need it.

...and a little more chocolate never hurts. I also want this plate.

A few photos from the strip:

I was pretty happy with myself for getting this pano haha

And the view from our hotel room window

I only took a couple photos on the way home from Vegas, I really wanted to get some of the rocks as you pass through Arizona. These were right after going through the coolest parts, I didn't really get any I liked of the actual rocks

That concludes our vacation! I had a lot of fun taking photos and vlogging (even though it was hard!), and that video will hopefully be up sometime in the next couple weeks. My computer is extremely slow and it's been really hard and kinda frustrating even just playing back the footage. But it'll all work out, and is on the way! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and felt a little like you were there with us ♡



** All photos were taken on a Canon T5i unless otherwise noted, and I used both a Canon 40mm as well as 28mm lenses. Panoramas were taken on iPhone 6 Plus. Some were taken as we were driving, so they may not be the best - I tried! **